Secret Behind Prague City


Talk about a city that has remained a great gem in Europe and that is none other than Prague. This is among the most highly respected cities and valued by many love birds. This city has many names some of which include; “The City of Romance, City of a Thousand Spires and The City of Love”, among others. Reading at all the things said about Prague City, you would be tempted to think it is an exaggeration. However, things get totally different the moment you step your foot there and have a chance of seeing it in person.

Apart from all the beautiful features of Prague, the cute, lovely Prague escorts are also a real gem. These girls are a great company to take along all your tours in the city. They also know the city well and will ensure you visit all the beautiful places and enjoy real fun. Some of the places Prague escorts ensure they take their clients on a walk to include;

1.    Petrin Park

If you are a romantic man and always enjoys being in a romantic area, then Petrin Park is the place to be! This Park oozes with romance and it is located above Mala Strana on the Western bank of the city. It boasts of great views across Plague city. This Park is not only popular for tourists but it has become a hot spot for locals who are on a romantic walk with their spouses.

When you are at the park, you can choose to either take a walk or head up Petrin tower. This will provide you with a better view of the park from up there.

2.    Visit Vysehrad

If you get yourself a Prague escort who is into travelling, the next probable place they will take you is Vysehrad. Although many tourists don’t visit the area since it is on the further south of Prague City, it is such an amazing place to be. Its garden is an ideal area for picnics and spending your “alone time” with someone you love. The beautiful sunset view over the Vltava River as well as Prague Castle are also worth mentioning.


For many romantic Prague escorts, the above mentioned two parks is a must-go for their clients. They believe their natural beauty gives a simple picture of what Prague is made of. Last but not least, never forget to take a spa day with your date as the day of cooling down and relaxing your body.

Date: November 19, 2021