Man The Slave and Be The Master


When it comes to BDSM, things have to work just like they work in real life. You will never enjoy the full fun of BDSM if you pick up a role that you don’t understand so well. When you choose to go for slave guy, the fun of it is making the man feel like a real slave. Some of the characteristics of a slave include:

1.     Being submissive

A slave guy must learn how to submit to his master. A slave loves feeling dominated, controlled and owned. Therefore, the more submissive the slave guy is the deeper the servitude becomes. You can apply real consistent dominant and slave contracts  to make your play more fun and real. This results in a deeper relationship between the client and the escort.

2.     Being flexible

It is very unfortunate that a slave doesn’t have their own free will. For this reason, slave guy must understand that the client is the boss and has the right of giving any instructions they want. All the instructions given must be followed to the latter without asking any questions just as it was with the real slaves. Any slave knows their work is to please their master and so should a slave guy understand. Flexibility helps them serve their clients better.


BDSM is some kind of sex that takes different shapes. It involves different punishment tasks and ideas that should be introduced to the slave training sessions. Most of these ideas and tasks are solely domination ideas just like the slave guy is.

Date: November 20, 2021